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Anagrafe degli Italiani residenti all’estero (AIRE)

The Anagrafe degli Italiani residenti all’estero (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad – A.I.R.E) was established by Law no. 470 of 27 October 1988 and contains the data of Italian citizens residing abroad for a period of more than twelve months. It is managed by the Municipalities on the basis of data and information from the Consular Representations abroad.

Registration with A.I.R.E. is a citizen’s right and duty (Art. 6 Law 470/1988) and is a prerequisite for enjoying a series of services provided by Consular Representations abroad, as well as for exercising important rights.

1. Registration with A.I.R.E.

In accordance with Law 470/1998, registration with AIRE is compulsory for
– Italian citizens who move abroad for a period of more than 12 months;
– persons born abroad who have acquired Italian citizenship by birth;
– people who have acquired Italian citizenship abroad.

Registration with AIRE makes it possible to:
– guarantee and facilitate the exercise of political rights (in particular the right to vote in elections or referendums);
– more rationally plan the interventions of the Public Administration in favour of the communities of Italians living abroad;
– provide the administrative services and assistance for Italian citizens living abroad.

2. Who should NOT register with A.I.R.E.
Citizens who go abroad temporarily or seasonally for a period not exceeding twelve months do not have to register. Italian citizens temporarily resident abroad can register through the website
In the case of stable presence, citizens are nevertheless requested to register in the list of ‘Stable Presences’ at the Consulate.

3. How to register with A.I.R.E.

The application for enrolment in the A.I.R.E. can be made by the interested person (for themselves and for their family members of Italian nationality) at the desk of the Consular Office of the Embassy, by appointment. The appointment can be made by sending an email to or by calling the switchboard on +291 1 120160 / 120213.

On the day of the appointment, the applicant must submit the following documents

– a passport photo
– a valid Italian passport;
– proof of stable and legal residence abroad;
– duly completed application form (download the form);

Please note that the Consular Offices, once they have received the request, send the communication of registration to the Municipality of reference (Municipality of last residence in Italy, known as the “Municipality of emigration”), which then proceeds to register the citizen in the A.I.R.E. lists, giving confirmation of registration to the citizen and to this Consular Office.

4. What to do in case of variation of A.I.R.E. registration data

Italian citizens residing outside Italy are always required to inform the Consular Office of any variation that has occurred with regard to

  • address abroad
  • nationality
  • civil status
  • composition of the family nucleus
  • change of name

The timely communication to the Consulate of changes regarding one’s registry status – in addition to being a precise duty of the citizen – will enable the competent Italian offices to keep the information regarding citizens residing abroad constantly up-to-date, facilitating both the provision of any services requested in Italy and abroad, and contact between the Consulate and Italian citizens residing in the district.

Return to Italy: AIRE-registered citizens returning permanently to Italy must report to the Municipality where they have decided to settle to declare their new address of residence. On the same date, the Municipality will provide for the cancellation from AIRE with the simultaneous registration in the APR (Anagrafe Popolazione Residente). It will be the responsibility of the Municipality to officially communicate the effective date of repatriation to the Consulate of origin, which will register the repatriation in its consular files.