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Marital status

The Civil Status Office of an Embassy or Consulate is the institution that deals, like an Italian Municipality, with registrations, annotations and the keeping of Civil Status Registers. There are four Civil Status Registers: citizenship, birth, marriage and death.

For each of these matters, the Office also has the competence to issue certificates of the documents deposited in the office’s records that attest, precisely, the ‘civil status’ of each individual.

In particular, Consular offices receive the acts issued by foreign authorities and transmit them to Italian Municipalities for transcription.
In order to be valid in Italy, acts and documents issued by foreign authorities must be translated into Italian (a list of authorised translators can be found at this link) and legalised by the Italian Embassy in Asmara (Consular Office). To proceed with legalisation, the applicant must report to the Consular Office with the document IN ORIGINAL to be legalised. Please note that all consular fees are collected in local currency – Nakfa.

The Civil Status Office of the Embassy, in addition to managing the four civil-status registers, assists citizens residing in the district in carrying out the following procedures

– Drawing up the marriage banns and posting it on the consular register;

– Celebrating consular marriages, as long as in compliance with local laws;

– Transmission of requests to change one’s name or surname, because it is ridiculous or shameful, to the competent Prefectures;

– Receiving and forwarding separation and divorce decrees to the competent Municipalities for transcription.

A prerequisite for registering civil status documents and/or obtaining the relevant certificates is to have established one’s residence abroad by registering with the Registry of Italians Resident Abroad (A.I.R.E.).


Registration of the birth of the child of an Italian citizen abroad.

Italian citizens are children whose parents (or at least one of them) are Italian citizens, regardless of their place of birth and whether or not they hold another nationality. Their birth must therefore be registered in Italy.

In order to register a birth, it is necessary to report to the Consular office with the following documents

– birth certificate IN ORIGINAL (the certificate will NOT be returned if the Consular office sends it for registration to the Italian Municipality) issued by the competent office of the Municipality of residence, authenticated at the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated by one of the authorised translators (list of authorised translators)

– documentation proving the Italian citizenship of at least one of the parents (identity card, Italian passport or certificate of Italian citizenship).


Registration in Italy of the marriage abroad of Italian citizens.

In order for a marriage celebrated abroad to be valid in Italy, it must be registered in Italy at the competent Municipality.
It will be the responsibility of the interested party to submit to the competent Consulate the marriage certificate issued by the local authorities, with the relative translation and legalisation, for subsequent forwarding to the competent Italian Municipality for registration.


Registration in Italy of a divorce decree issued abroad.

The documents required to be sent to the competent Italian Municipality for registration are:

– the final judgment (original or certified copy)
– the official translation of the judgment;
– bill of divorce issued by the competent Municipality;
– a photocopy of all the documentation submitted.

These documents must be authenticated at the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the documents are valid according to the legislation of the place of issue, the Consular office will send the documents to the Italian Municipality for registration of the judgment.

It should be noted that a divorce decree issued in a foreign State may be recognised as valid in Italy provided that the requirements of Article 64 of Law n° 218/1995 or EC Regulation n° 2201/2003 are met.


Registration in Italy of the death of an Italian resident abroad.

The death of an Italian citizen occurring abroad must be registered in Italy.

The documents required to register the death are

  • death certificate issued by the competent Municipality of residence, duly authenticated at the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, if necessary, translated;
  • documents relating to the deceased’s nationality: identity card, Italian passport or certificate of Italian citizenship.